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Wall Mounted Commercial Fan Heaters From Consort Claudgen

Consort Claudgen now have a range of fan heaters specifically designed for heating large areas in commercial warehouses.

There is a choice of two 6kW versions, one being a single phase unit (CH06CS), and the other a 3 phase unit (CH06CP); as well as a 9kW (CH09M), 12kW (CH12M) and 15kW (CH15M) version.

With a range of between 7 and 11 metres heat throw, depending on the unit, you have the ideal solution for heating those cold areas in any large warehouse.

Each heaters is supplied with an adjustable wall mounted bracket, making it easy to angle the heater at the area that requires keeping warm. In fact these brackets are multi directional, meaning that you can angle them 180 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical.

As well as the wall bracket, you are also provided with a remote switch for controlling each heater. This switch will also allow you to control more than one heater from it, unless you have the CH06CS 6kW single phase heater, which requires an individual switch for each unit.

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