C-Tec CAST Protocol Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

The C-Tec CAST Protocol addressable fire alarm equipment, uses their latest C-Tec addressable system technology; which is the system which everyone is intrigued by.

The CAST range was produced when C-Tec took their normal 1-2 loop XFP panels; and turned them into something much more advanced.

The main advanced feature, is that their fire alarm panels allow you to be able to connect up to a maximum number of 255 CAST devices on each loop, given much more scope and capability for the system to cope with.

You can also interconnect up to a maximum of eight XFP master panels on a network; or either the same number of repeater panels.

To meet the demands of different smoke and heat detection applications; CAST have multi sensor fire detectors, which allow you to choose between 5 different levels of sensitivity, depending on the level required, for the application that they are being installed in.

To make programming ever so easy, their is a hand held device programmer that can program a user ID to a device, in a matter of seconds.

This ID can be assigned to the detectors, call points, VAD’s and sounders.

Fire legislation is now changing in a lot of countries, with this legislation saying that if there is a power supply carrying out a compulsory function on a fire alarm system, then the power supply must meet EN54-4.

C-Tec have a range of power supplies to meet this certification.

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New Range Of Portable Air Conditioning Units Which Have Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa

As well as our new range of wall split air conditioning units, which now have Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; we also have a new range of portable air conditioning units, which also have the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa feature.

Currently there are two mobile air conditioning units in this range; with both containing R290 refrigerant, and 1.5 metres of 150mm (6″) hose.

The smaller unit (KYR-25CO/AG) is a 9,000 BTU unit, which offers cooling only, works in normal rooms up to a maximum size of 30 square metres; whereas the bigger unit (KYR-35GW/AG) is a 12,000 BTU unit, which also offers heating, as well as cooling. This unit will work in slightly larger rooms sizes, up to a maximum size of 35 square metres.

Both units are suitable for use in conservatories as well, but will only work in smaller room sizes, when situated in these areas.

The KYR-25CO/AG works in conservatories up to 15 square metres, and the KYR-35GW/AG works up to 20 square metres in these environments.

Unlike a lot of traditional portable air conditioning units, where you can find yourself constantly having to empty water tanks all the time; our range feature an in-built condensate pump, which can condense the water out, meaning that there isn’t really any need to have to empty the water tank; unless of course the weather is very humid, where you may find in these instances that the tank may need to be emptied on occasion.

So that you can easily move any of these units around to the desired location that they are going to be used in, both units are supplied with castor wheels.

Other benefits that these portable air conditioning units have include the timer feature, which allows you to be able to switch the units on and off automatically, as well as the different fan speeds, which are adjustable, for quick cooling, and minimum noise.

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R32 Refrigerant Pre-Gassed Split System Air Conditioning Units With Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa

R32 is a new refrigerant, which was introduced to help with global warming; as R32 has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), and is more environmentally friendly than the traditional R410A refrigerant; which is seen in the majority of air conditioning units installed at the moment.

It is very likely that this new refrigerant will be the industry standard in the majority of new pre-gassed wall split system air conditioning units, that are manufactured.

As well as having a positive effect on the environment, by being more environmentally friendly than R410A, and helping to reduce global warming; R32 has approximately 20% more volumetric capacity than the traditional R410A, resulting in lower refrigerant volumes.

Our new easy fit pre-gassed split system air conditioning units with this new R32 refrigerant, also have two other great features; the fact that as standard they are supplied with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well has having WiFi control too.

The 9000 and 12000 BTU units also have branded “Panasonic” compressors, with the two larger units, the 18000 and 24000 BTU units, having Hitachi OEM compressors.

All of the units that we sell can be used all year round, as they are super inverter heat and cooling units, which offer heating for the winter, and cooling for the summer.

They also come with enough pipework to cope with the majority of back to back split system air conditioning installations; with the option to purchase additional pipe extension kits, to cope with any longer runs; should any additional pipework be required.

The main units that we currently sell are the 9000 BTU (KFR23-IWAG), 12000 BTU (KFR33-IW/AG), 18000 BTU (KFR53-IW/AG), and the 24000 BTU (KFR63IW-AG); with further units to be added to our range, very shortly.

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The Masterkool iKool Mini Range Of Portable Air Coolers

The IKool Mini portable air coolers from Masterkool, are a small compact stand alone unit, which measure only 17 x 15 x 32cm.

They have a 1.3 litre tank; and sit perfectly on any desk; making the iKool Mini a perfect cooling solution, for any small office, where space is limited.

Normally desk fans are the product of choice for office environments in the summer months; however one main problem you face with desk fans, is they tend to end up blowing paperwork and other light weight objects from the desk, onto the floor, which can be a little annoying.

Another issue you face with desk fans, is the loud noise; where sometimes you find yourself having to turn the fan off, when answering and making phone calls.

With the iKool Mini, you don’t face these issues.

Unlike an air conditioning unit, which uses refrigerant gases to bring the temperature down; the iKool Mini’s work by using evaporation instead.

These evaporative coolers are suitable for small areas up to 4 square metres, and their operating weight is only 2.7kg.

There are five different colours in the range; which are, white, green, blue, black; and pink.

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Cleaning The Air Of Contaminants With Fellowes AreaMax Professional Air Purifiers

In busy commercial areas in large office buildings, it’s very easy for the air to contain contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, and other nasty odors.

The Fellowes AreaMax Professional range of air purifiers help to eliminate these unpleasant contaminants from the air; and improve the air quality.

The AreaMax Professional air purifiers work by using carbon filters to absorb these nasty odors; without the use of an aerosol spray; which you would traditionally see used in most air fresheners, to hide unpleasant smells.

Not using an aerosol spray, means that there are less respiratory issues faced, as you aren’t breathing in artificial fragrances with the AreaMax Professional air purifiers.

There was an independent study carried out, which actually showed that the AeraMax range of air purifiers, achieved a 99.9% reducing for the airborne flu virus, within only 35 minutes of initial operation.

This range of products can be used in a vast number of different commercial environments, including use in busy meeting and conference rooms, as well as busy office areas too.

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The Ariston Aures Slim Multi 9.5kW Instantaneous Water Heaters

Sometimes when you are looking for an instant hot water solution, you are faced with an application, where space is very limited.

Ariston have the ideal solution for these applications, with their Aures Slim Multi 9.5kW instant water heaters.

The Ariston Aures Slim Multi water heater, is a very slimline instant water heater, which measures only 304mm in width, with a height of only 178mm; making this product super slim.

These water heaters tend to be used in applications such as kitchens, workshops, small businesses, house extensions; and other areas where space is limited.

These units have the capability to supply instant hot water to one or several water outlets, and are supplied with a dial on the front of the unit, to make operating them very easy.

They also have a double thermal cut-out fitted, for safety, as well as a 4 step dial, making it easy to select the required power level.

This product is very energy efficient as it eliminates heat loss, whilst reducing energy consumption; and achieves a class “A” rating in the ErP energy class.

This rating is actually the highest level of energy efficiency in the sector of instant electric water heaters.

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Reduced Installation Costs With Eaton’s BiWire Ultra Range Of Fire Alarm Equipment

The BiWire Ultra fire alarm systems from Eaton; differs from most conventional systems out there in the market place, as with this range; the panel, detector, and sounders all utilize the same zone wiring.

This provides savings for both the installer and the end user, as installation costs are reduced, by less cable being required; without compromising on the systems quality and capability.

BiWire Ultra is available, with a choice of either a 2, 4, or 8 zone panel; with the ability to cope with up to 52 devices on each zone.

These fire alarm systems are typically seen in applications such as office buildings, retail environments, small nursing homes, and schools.

There is also the ability to sound class change bells in schools; as well as an interlink relay, for greater options.

Eaton also have their BiWire Flexi panels; which gives you the option to configure the fire alarm panel, so that either two wire devices, or conventional devices, can run on an individual zone.

There is also the possibility to have a mixture of devices on the complete system, as each individual zone is configurable.

There is also a repeater panel available too. Product code for these is EFBWCVREPEATER.

Please see product codes EFBW2ZFLEXI (2 zone flexi panel), EFBW4ZFLEXI (4 zone flexi panel), and EFBW8ZFLEXI (8 zone flexi panel).

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Redring Bright Range Of Electric Showers

Redring have launched a new range of electric showers; called their Bright range.

The Redring Bright electric showers were introduced with the main purpose of the design, being able to help with a very quick and easy installation.

Some of the features which make installation easy, is the fact that these showers have been designed with 8 water entry points; as well as 6 cable entry points.

Some of the reasons which make the Redring Bright a good product to choose from; is that these units are supplied with a 1.25 metre anti-kink hose, with a choice of different kW models available, depending on the application.

Having an anti-kink hose is a really good feature, as we all know that after a while, with most showers, the shower hoses start to split and perish; and in many instance have to be replaced far too early.

For extra piece of mind the manufacturer offer a 3 year warranty on this shower range, to show just how confident that they are with their Bright range of electric showers.

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Smart And Stylish Looking 6kW Air Source Heat Pumps Powered By A Panasonic Compressor

Just added to our range of products, are the stylish looking 6kW air source heat pumps; which feature Japanese super inverter monobloc technology, as well as having a branded Panasonic compressor inside the unit.

These 6kW air source heat pumps are compatible with underfloor heating, or over sized radiators; and can be run as a single 6kW unit for a 2/3 bedroom property, or you could run 2 of these units in line for a 4/5 bedroom property, as a 12kW solution.

Nowadays air source heat pumps are becoming a more popular choice in domestic properties, for home heating.

One of the main reasons for this is because for every unit of energy which is brought as electricity, several units of heat are then delivered as of result of this; making these units extremely effective.

These air source heat pumps work by the motor that they have, which is powered by electricity. The motor basically supplies more energy than it consumes; when they take out the heat from the surrounding air.

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The Brand New Design Of The Fike TwinflexPro Panels

Fike has recently changed the design of their TwinflexPro panels, by launching a smart new modern looking panel; which is their new TwinflexPro2 range of panels.

The TwinflexPro2 panels are a clever 2 wire panel that work of a conventional cabling system.

The way that these are structured is as an analogue non addressable system; with panels available in a 2, 4 and 8 zone; with each one being able to accept up to a maximum of 32 Twinflex devices on each circuit.

The main key feature that has been incorporated into the new TwinflexPro2 panels, that wasn’t available on the previous TwinflexPro panels, is that the new ones can now be set up to run conventional devices on zones 5 to 8. Please note that this is only available on the 4 and 8 zone panels; and isn’t something that is available with the 2 zone ones.

Please note that all of the TwinflexPro panels that we sell are all the new TwinflexPro2 panels.

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