New Range Of Wall Mounted Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers From Meaco

Meaco have recently launched two smaller commercial wall mounted indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers, to cater for smaller areas.

These new dehumidifiers also have a dc fan motor, which is in place, to help reduce noise levels, and also to help with reducing running costs as well.

The new units which have been added to the range are a 53 litre unit, and an 84 litre unit.

Both of these new dehumidifiers are available with either a white glass, or a black glass front.

The new units are as follows:

MeacoWall 53W (53 litre white glass front)

MeacoWall 53B (53 litre black glass front)

MeacoWall 84W (84 litre white glass front)

MeacoWall 84B (84 litre black glass front)

These units aren’t just for indoor swimming pool areas; they can be used in other suitable commercial environments, and are backed by a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Examples of other environments, which these units can be used in, include, gyms, and studios for exercising, production and manufacturing areas, storage areas, and uniform drying rooms.

If your looking for one of these commercial dehumidifiers, but aren’t quite sure, if the unit that you are looking at, is going to be suitable for your application; please contact us by phone or e-mail, with the details, and we can then advise, whether or not, the unit that you are looking at, is going to be suitable for your application.

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CAME Bring Out Their New GARD GT Range Of Automatic Barriers

Came have released their new GT range of automatic car park barriers, which have been designed and created around the installers, to help improve installation and commissioning time.

At the moment Came have produced 3 different automatic car park barrier kits, their GT8-4M-KIT, which is designed for road widths up to 4 metres, their GT8-6M-KIT, which is designed for road widths up to 6 metres, and their GT8-8M-KIT, which is for road widths up to 7.8 metres.

As well as selling these in the above kit form, Came have also made it possible to customise their automatic barriers; allowing you the option to be able to specify any RAL colour, for the cabinet colour.

As standard the cabinet is supplied in an RAL 7024 colour.

If a special RAL colour is required, please contact us, and we will be able to provide a special quote for this.

With safety as the key most important part, when designing these automated car park barriers, these units now have a red/green LED lighting system, which does away with the old style flashing light.

To help with repair costs, and repair time; in the event of a vehicle damaging the automatic barrier boom, Came have produced a unique release system, that reduces the level of damage.

This works by a solid steel device, which will let the boom disengage, and end up in a safe position, if the boom is hit by a vehicle.

For more information please click here to view the pdf specification on these automatic car park barriers

Medical Grade Mobile Air Sterilisers With Fast Air Purification

We now have a range of mobile air sterilisers, which use the multiple barrier approach, and incorporate medical grade HEPA filters.

These medical grade air purifiers, filter and capture 99.97% of particulates, right down to an incredible 0.1 microns; which is the size range of the Covid-19 virus.

These air sterilisers, or air purifiers, as they are more commonly know as, are designed for commercial use, and typical applications for their use, include use in workplace environments, including offices, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Each machine is equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation chamber, which ruptures, disrupts, and destroys ribonucleic acid; the DNA of bacteria viruses, fungi, and microorganisms, via UVC light; resulting in the sterilising of the air, in the area that the machine can cover, where it is situated in.

These units are quiet running, come supplied with a remote control, as well as having the added benefit of being TUYA app enabled.

A great benefit of these air purifiers is the fact that they come supplied with a 5 year warranty as standard; and as well as having the option of being able to buy one of the machines; there is also the option to lease one of these machines on a monthly basis.

Please contact us directly, for more information on leasing options.

The two main units are the KTII and KTIII, with both the KT2 and KT3 providing 8 air changes per hour in the given area that they can cover.

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The New Telescopic CAME ATS Worm Drive Operated Swing Gate Motors

CAME now have one of their most cost effective swing gate motors available; which is their new telescopic ATS swing gate motor; designed for above ground installations.

These above ground swing gate motors have been produced to combine the robustness and quality of the old Krono motors, with added reliability; to achieve a smooth gate opening.

They have also been produced from steel and aluminium, to provide long working life; and to make the maintenance and servicing of these motors easy for installers, there is an aluminium cover, which allows easy access to the motor.

People who where familiar with the old Krono motors, will fully appreciate the new ATS gate operators.

The ATS operators are also a universal solution as they cater for both residential and commercial applications, and have a unique mounting bracket, which requires no welding.

The ATS operators can also suit different depths of posts, as the C measurement has been increased up to 200mm, giving greater flexibility, when it comes to installation.

Another benefit of these gate operators, is that these ATS motors can be installed on either the left or right hand side, without having to worry about connecting the correct gate operator, as they have a universal fixing bracket, which will work in either way.

Please click here to view all of the ATS above ground swing gate opening kits available to buy online through this website

CK Tools Launch Their New Improved 595008 Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit Pro

CK Tools have recently launched their new Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit Pro tool kits; which replaces their old 595003, Electrician’s Premium Tool Kits.

CK Tools new tool kits, which are their 595008; has their latest heavy duty Magma Pro Tool Case Plus bag, which is an improved and sturdier version of the old Magma Technician’s Tool Cases, which were previously supplied, with their old tool kits.

These new tool bags have pierce protected zips, as well as wide opening storage space, more than 60 pockets and holders for housing items, and most importantly, the base of these tool bags is 100% rubberized, making them water and crackproof resistant.

Some of the other benefits of the new 595008 Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit Pro kits, is the fact that they are supplied with A COB pocket inspection light, ideal for when you’re working on site in places where natural daylight, and other light sources are limited.

Also, supplied is an ArmourSlice SWA cable cutter; great for working on industrial sites, with SWA cable.

Not forgetting  all your key essential items, including a couple of screwdriver sets, electrician’s scissors, pliers, junior hacksaw, and various other electrician’s essential items, which also come supplied as standard with these kits.

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Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Commercial Dehumidifiers From Meaco

The MeacoWall range of wall mounted commercial dehumidifiers are a sleek, slimline, modern looking unit, with a glass finish, where each unit has either a black or white glass front panel, which also features the light touch LED controls.

If your looking for a quiet, commercial wall mounted dehumidifier for a swimming pool or spa area, then the MeacoWall 108B (black version), or the Meacowall 108W (white version), maybe suitable for your application.

Both units use the latest R290 refrigerant; and with help from the DC fan motor, which each unit is equipped with; these dehumidifiers  have a noise level of only 48 dB(A) at 1 metre, as well as providing 108 litres per day drying capacity at 30 degrees C & 80%rh.

These DC fan motors also help to keep running costs down too.

To help with installation, Meaco have designed these dehumidifiers with this in mind, and have designed them, so that there is the option to have the continuous drainage from either the right or left hand side of the unit, depending on which option is most suited for the given application.

For applications which are unheated, and humidity control is needed, there is an automatic defrosting system in place, which allows usage down to 10 degrees C.

As well as swimming pool and spa areas, these dehumidifiers can also be used in many other commercial applications including the following:

  • Storage applications
  • Museums
  • Pump rooms
  • Any other area that requires the use of a commercial wall mounted dehumidifier

Please click here to view the full range of MeacoWall commercial wall mounted dehumidifiers that are available to buy online through this website

The Air X Pro Range Of Medical Grade Air Purifiers Which Eliminate 99.99% Of Airborne Viruses

We have available the Air X Pro range of medical grade air purifiers, which destroy 99.99% of airborne viruses, including Covid-19.

These medical grade air purifiers have patented technology, are controllable via a WiFi app, and also work with the Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

These units are ultra slim, and can be wall mounted, or floor standing, depending on the requirement.

They are available in different sizes, depending on the room size area that needs covering.

Details below on the different models and the room sizes covered:

AXP-200 – 22w, which covers up to 25 square metres

AXP-400 – 40w, which covers up to 65 square metres

AXP-1200 – 110w, which covers up to 180 square metres

AXP-1600 – 140w, which covers up to 240 square metres

For safety these air purifiers also have a child lock.

They also have an 8 stage purification system, and ion’s which will re-energise the room, making these ideal for keeping people safe in offices, residential applications, pubs, hotels, retail environments, factories; and hospitals.

These medical grade air purifiers can also help you at home to get a better nights sleep, as they help to remove particles from the air, that can contribute towards congestion; particles such as dust, mold and pollen.

Please click here to view the full range of these air purifiers on this website

Mobile Hand Wash Stations For Schools And Other Organisations Which Are Looking To Increase Their Existing Hygiene And Safety Standards

Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS says that a key part of helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), is by washing your hands regularly; for around 20 seconds each time.

By washing your hands regularly, you’re helping to stop the spread of any infections, when you visit somebody in a different environment. For example if you were going to visit someone in hospital.

To help with regular hand washing; we have a range of Lincat mobile hand wash stations available.

These Lincat mobile hand wash stations can be used in a number of different environments, including schools, restaurants, hairdressers, work place offices, reception areas, and nursing homes.

We have two main types of mobile hand wash stations; ones which don’t have a heater; and ones which have a 3kW heater.

The cold water only units are ideal for use in areas, where electricity, or mains water aren’t available.

With the wheels provided; these units can be easily moved to the area that they are needed in, to provide hand washing facilities; and can be easily operated, by the foot operated dispenser at the bottom of the unit.

They also have a splashback, as well as a holder for soap and paper towels.

Where warmer water is required, we also have 3kW units available. These 3kW units can dispense water up to 42 degrees C.

We also have a reduced height mobile hand wash station, which is the F63/700.

This particular model has been designed for use in schools, as the height to the sink is only 700mm.

All of the hand wash stations that we sell, come with a large 20 litre tank as standard, and are able to dispense up to 100ml of water, on each foot press; apart from the F63/501 infra red operated unit, which has a 10 litre tank.


At the moment we have the following different options available:

F63/501 (A hot mobile hand wash station with infrared foot activation)

F63/502 (A hot mobile hand wash station which is operated by a foot pump)

F63/503 (An ambient temperature mobile hand wash station, which is also foot operated)

F63/700 (An ambient temperature foot operated, junior mobile hand wash station, manufactured for use in schools)

We also have available the F63/250, which is a mobile hand sanitiser station.

These can also be viewed from the link below.

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Now Offering Installation Packages With Our Wall Split Air Conditioning Units

We have just launched our installation packages for all of our pre gassed wall split system air conditioning units.

This means that we can not only just supply the wall split air conditioning units; but we can also arrange for your air conditioning unit to be installed by a fully qualified f-gas engineer.

Included in this package will be a 5 year warranty, provided that the pre gassed air conditioning unit is serviced annually, by a fully qualified f-gas engineer, with the relevant paperwork being able to be produced to show this.

The actual air conditioning unit, and the installation package, can be ordered online from our website, where you have the choice of selecting from either a ground floor installation; or a first floor installation.

Please note that these are standard back to back installations, for installations which only require the 4 metres of copper pipe that is supplied with our air conditioning units.

For more complex installations; for example, where extra pipework is required, we can also provide a bespoke installation package, where we can put together a special quotation for you, based on your own individual requirements.

In these situations, please contact us by either phone or e-mail, with the full details, and we can then put together a quotation for you.

If you already have your own fully qualified f-gas engineer to carry out the installation work for you, we can also just supply the actual air conditioning unit; which can also be ordered online from our website.

In these instances, we will need to be provided with the information on the f-gas engineer who will be carrying out the installation of the unit, as this is a requirement by law.

Upon receipt of this information, we would then be able to supply / dispatch your air conditioning unit.

To view our full range of different air conditioning units online, please click here, where you can view all of the different categories of air conditioning units


The New VER Garage Door Operators From CAME

CAME have recently introduced their new range of garage door operators, which are the VER standard, and the VER Plus; with the VER standard being a very cost effective solution for residential garage doors.

Both of these garage door operators have been EN tested, as standard, meaning that they both conform with European Standards on impact forces.

The VER standard and VER Plus garage door opening kits are available in either 24V DC, or a 230V AC.

The 24V gear motors have been designed for applications, which get a lot of use; and will also still work in the event of a power outage.

The VER standard kits have a motor which is controlled by an encoder, which provides a smooth operation during the full cycle, and will also detect obstacles.

The VER Plus kit motors also have an encoder, but you have greater flexibility with these operators, as you can take full control over these systems, by downloading an APP to your smartphone device. With this APP your be able to open and close the garage doors, obtain status feedback, as well as schedule tasks.

You can also add additional battery back up on the VER Plus operators, which can be neatly situated in the actual casing of the garage door motor.

The VER Plus is also compatible with RIO wireless safety, and RIO edge.

Please click here to view the CAME VER garage door operators on this website