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The RXREC RX Receiver Unit For Wireless Control Of Certain Consort Claudgen Fan Heaters And Air Curtains

Consort Claudgen have produced a very clever little product, which is their RXREC RX receiver unit; which basically is a wireless control conversion unit for converting some of their commercial fan heaters and air curtains, which would currently be operating via their 2 gang remote wall switches; to now being able to be controlled wirelessly.

The RXREC works by being connected to the heater.

Firstly, the remote wall switch which is currently in situe; is then removed; and the RXREC is then connected to the heater.

The CRX2 now takes the place of the wall switch.

This very simple solution enables existing installs to be upgraded to now having wireless control; giving greater flexibility; and more options on the controlling of the heaters, than you would have previously had, using the 2 gang wall switches, which had basic control options.

One of the main benefits of using the CRX2 controller is the fact that you now have a 7 day time control, with a number of different temperature settings for each day.

None of this would have been previously available using a wall switch.



Stylish New Bathroom Panel Heaters From Dimplex With A Powerful 1kW Output

Dimplex have just launched two very modern and stylish new bathroom panel heaters; which both have a powerful 1kW output; as well as both units being able to provide a high comfort convected heat output, and also a radiant heat, with the added benefit of being able to warm towels.

These new bathroom panel heaters are designed with “space saving” in mind, helping to make these units suitable to compliment most new bathroom projects.

The two panel heaters in the range are the BPH100M and the BPH100G.

Below are some of the other features included:

  • Lot 20 compliant controls
  • IP25 rating
  • Very accurate electronic thermostat
  • Easy to use controls

Please click here to view these products online

AlarmSense 2 Wire Fire Alarm Kits

New additions to our range of fire alarm kits, now include; 2, 4; and 8 zone AlarmSense fire alarm kits.

Each of these two wire fire alarm kits includes, as standard, a C-Tec AlarmSense panel.

The C-Tec panels are very reliable and they utilize different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, allowing for the AlarmSense components to be joined up to the same pair of supply wires.

This alone can cut installation time by around 20-25%, when compared to the time taken to install a standard four wire system.

All of these kits also feature the Apollo AlarmSense optical smoke detectors, which have the sounder bases, as well as the A1R rate of rise heat detectors, which have the visual indicator sounder bases.

As well as the above mentioned items, also included are a couple of call points, and a couple of batteries; making up the ideal components to carry out your fire alarm installation, without any issues.

If any extra devices are required, in addition to what is supplied in each fire alarm kit, we have all these items available individually, to buy online through this website.

Please click here to view all of these kits online, with full details of what’s supplied in each one

Masterkool iKool Air Coolers

Introduced to replace the Diet Symphony range of evaporative coolers, are the new Materkool iKool air coolers; which are a compact, and mobile design; making them very easy to move to the desired location, for which they are required to operate in.

The Materkool iKool swamp coolers have a special fan blade, which helps to achieve a strong air flow; and they help to create a nice cool environment, which they do, by the simple process of evaporation.

They work by reducing the temperature of the room that they are running in by between 5 – 15 degrees C.

These spot coolers come with lots of great features, including the following:

  • Dura-pump technology
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • A digital control panel
  • Remote control with timer
  • System restore function
  • High efficiency cooling pads
  • Large tank capacity

To view the Masterkool range online, please click here

DeLonghi Pinguino Portable Air Conditioning Units

We have the full range of the De’Longhi Pinguino range of mobile air conditioning units available; to help make a more comfortable living or working environment, now that the warmer weather is upon us.

The Pinguino portable air conditioners are a modern and stylish Italian design; from a well established brand name; which run off eco-friendly refigerant gas; and range from A to A++ in terms of their efficiency energy class.

The units have been designed to provide both user comfort and pleasant living conditions in the warmer weather, and the range covers areas of between 80 – 110m3, depending on the product selected.

All DeLonghi Pinguino air conditioners are fitted with as standard; with either a 12 or 24 hour timer, as well as a choice of 3 fan speeds, and also a “fan only” setting too.

The Pinguino units all feature some great key features, including a new LED display, with a comfort light indicator on some of the units, as well as a soft touch control panel on other units.

Please click here to view the DeLonghi Pinguino portable air conditioning units, with full product specification information; all of which are available to buy online from our website

Fireplace Surrounds From Trent Fireplaces

Trent Fireplaces have been designing and manufacturing bespoke high quality fireplace surrounds in different sizes, colours, materials; and designs, in the United Kingdom, for more than 20 years.

Each fire surround is carefully made in great detail, by craftsmen, who take care and pride in their work.

What makes these fire surrounds unique, is the fact that every room is completely different from another; and there are instances, when a totally unique custom made surround, which is built to the exact size that the customer requires is important.

In this instance, if you let us know the exact size and colour that is required, along with the material too; e.g: MDF, or solid wood; we can put together a special price, based on your requirements.

We even supply a wide range of fireplaces too; including brands such as Dimplex.

For more information on Trent Fireplaces, range of fire surrounds, please click here

Log Burners Which Can Create An Eye Catching Focal Point In The Living Room

Log burners, or multi fuel stoves, as they are often called; are becoming an ever more popular choice for household heating.

These contemporary or traditional wood burning stoves are normally used as a replacement for open fires, and are mainly used for burning logs, in order to generate enough heat to warm the surrounding area; normally a lounge or other living room area.

We stock a selection of different wood burners, and the two main key questions to check the answers to, when deciding to purchase a multi fuel stove is:

  1. Style of the unit. Depending on the room that it’s going in; you want to pick one, that’s going to blend in with the surroundings.
  2. Size of the area the stove will be heating. You would need to ensure that you have the right kW output unit, as if you accidentally over size the unit, you would end up with the room, that the unit is heating, becoming too hot, and uncomfortable to occupy. The same goes, if you were to under size the unit; as this would result in not enough heat being generated, which in turn, would make the room feel cold and uncomfortable.

Some of the log burners we sell, include brands such as Flavel and Dimplex; including units such as the Flavel Arundel FCMSB multi fuel stove, which is recommended by DEFRA, and is suitable for use in smoke control areas.

Other models include the Westcott range, from Dimplex.

All of the multi fuel stoves that we sell, can be found under the “Fireplaces” section of this website. Please click here to view them all.

The JetHeat Range Of Commercial And Industrial Electric Fan Heaters

A Recent addition to our product range are the robust range of electric fan heaters, which are odourless, and use no oxygen; making them a perfect choice for use in areas, which aren’t ventilated very well.

All of these electric fan heaters are fitted with an easy grip handle, so moving them to the required location, is virtually effortless.

At the moment there are four heaters in the JetHeat range; two 240 volt versions, and two 415 volt (3 phase) versions.

The 3 phase versions have an optional power cable, which can be purchased separately.

Providing comfortable heating, and also helping with frost protection, these heaters are extremely efficient, and are suited to industrial applications, including use on construction sites, and storage areas.

All of these units conform to CE/GS/LVD/EMC/RoHs.

Please click here to view all of these electric fan heaters on this website

TwinflexPro Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems With Checkpoint Technology

We have just started to sell the TwinflexPro range of fire alarm systems, from Fike.

The Twinflex Pro range are unique, in the fact, that they have incorporated “checkpoint technology” into their fire alarm panels.

Checkpoint technology allows you to be able to set up a pre-alarm; which can be anytime between 1-5 minutes, depending on how this is set up.

Having a pre-alarm, gives you a bit of time to investigate what has triggered the fire alarm to activate in the first place; before evacuating the building.

When the alarm has been triggered in a dwelling, it is only the local room sounder that will work during the verification time period.

This will then warn any people who are in that specific dwelling.

After this, the next stage is for the control panel to perform various checks, over a specific duration.

The purpose of this, is to clarify if the detector is still activated, and whether there is an actual real fire.

At the end of the duration in which the checks are carried out; if the detector stops signalling that there is an alarm, the detector/sounder will be reset by the panel.

The system will then return to normal.

If for any reason there is still an alarm signal being generated by a detector; all the other alarms in the building will be activated, for a full evacuation of the premises.

As well as this amazing feature, the system uses the ASD multipoint detectors, which provide 7 different detection modes, as well as allowing the system to be set up, using just one pair of wires, for each zone.


Please click here to see all of the Fike fire alarm kits and other products in the range

Wireless Security Alarms Which Can Be Controlled By A Smartphone

Normally when you decide to have some kind of burglar alarm system installed in your house, you would normally have to go through the difficult procedure of having the alarm installer engineer lift up carpets and floor to drill and cut out holes, ready to run cables under floors, and up walls, for a system to be able to be put in.

This can prove very challenging to carry out, without the risk of causing any damage to any walls or floors; or even more difficult in a listed building, where it might prove impossible to carry out such work.

Luckily, there is a fantastic wireless security alarm out there; which offers support for up to 19 keyfobs; and is available, to provide complete protection to your property, from any intruders.

The purchase of this burglar alarm system has been made simple; as this is available to buy in a kit; with the most essential items, including motion detectors, door contact, and a siren; all included as standard.

This kit is called the Secuplace Wireless Alarm Kit (part number ELKITSP3TRI).

To further make this system even more user friendly, you can purchase additional items individually, including, panic buttons and extra motion detectors.

You can even protect your home from smoke, and dangerous gases, with the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, that are available to go with this system.

wireless alarm kit

Please click here to view these kits, and other products in the range, on this website


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