Smart And Stylish Looking 6kW Air Source Heat Pumps Powered By A Panasonic Compressor

Just added to our range of products, are the stylish looking 6kW air source heat pumps; which feature Japanese super inverter monobloc technology, as well as having a branded Panasonic compressor inside the unit.

These 6kW air source heat pumps are compatible with underfloor heating, or over sized radiators; and can be run as a single 6kW unit for a 2/3 bedroom property, or you could run 2 of these units in line for a 4/5 bedroom property, as a 12kW solution.

Nowadays air source heat pumps are becoming a more popular choice in domestic properties, for home heating.

One of the main reasons for this is because for every unit of energy which is brought as electricity, several units of heat are then delivered as of result of this; making these units extremely effective.

These air source heat pumps work by the motor that they have, which is powered by electricity. The motor basically supplies more energy than it consumes; when they take out the heat from the surrounding air.

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The Brand New Design Of The Fike TwinflexPro Panels

Fike has recently changed the design of their TwinflexPro panels, by launching a smart new modern looking panel; which is their new TwinflexPro2 range of panels.

The TwinflexPro2 panels are a clever 2 wire panel that work of a conventional cabling system.

The way that these are structured is as an analogue non addressable system; with panels available in a 2, 4 and 8 zone; with each one being able to accept up to a maximum of 32 Twinflex devices on each circuit.

The main key feature that has been incorporated into the new TwinflexPro2 panels, that wasn’t available on the previous TwinflexPro panels, is that the new ones can now be set up to run conventional devices on zones 5 to 8. Please note that this is only available on the 4 and 8 zone panels; and isn’t something that is available with the 2 zone ones.

Please note that all of the TwinflexPro panels that we sell are all the new TwinflexPro2 panels.

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Burco Launch Their Brand New Stainless Steel 20 Litre Manual Fill LPG Boiler

Burco have just introduced a very modern looking 20 litre stainless steel lpg urn; which is manufactured in the British Isles from a 304 grade stainless steel material.

The part number for this new product is MFGS20SS.

The unit which uses propane, features piezo ignition, as well as a variable thermostat, to control the gas flow.

As well as the above two main important features, there is also a dual function tap, which enables the user to be able to switch between flows. The user has the option of a controllable flow, and also a constant flow, depending on which is more convenient for their application.

The urn itself heats up pretty quick, and water is normally fully heated and ready to dispense in around 53 minutes.

These manual fill lpg boilers are ideal for any outside catering job; and if your application requires the need to fix and secure the unit down; then the securable feet that are built into the bottom of the unit, will resolve this issue.

These securable feet are perfect for mobile caterers, where having a fixed unit in place is their only safe option.

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VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Air Conditioning Systems Now Available From Us

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is basically an HVAC (heating, ventilation; and air conditioning) system, which provides both cooling and heating to the building, via a refrigerant gas.

Normally you would have one outdoor unit, from where the refrigerant is conditioned; and from there, it is then circulated to the indoor units, within the building, that the system is installed in.

These systems are often referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of air conditioning systems, purely because of the technology that goes into these products.

As these systems are very specialist, from your standard split air conditioning systems; before providing any costings, we would need to be informed of the full details of the building(s) that the VRF system is going into, along with any drawings that you may have, so that we are then able to provide a special project price.

If you have a project that you would like us to quote for, or require any further information on the VRF systems that we sell; please contact us on our office number of 01794 367148, where we will be happy to assist and help you.

Or if it’s easier for you, you can contact us via e-mail at


The Tweeny Range Of Domestic Waste Disposal Units

The Tweeny range of domestic food waste disposal units, are a great product to have fitted under your kitchen sink; to allow for food waste to be disposed off, without the worry of having your sink becoming blocked, due to trapped food waste blocking up the pipes.

Another good reason for having a product like this fitted in your home, is for hygiene reasons.

Normally any food waste would be scrapped off a plate, and then put into a bin in the kitchen, which over time, can create nasty odours, which can attract insects and flies, to the area.

These products help create a pleasant kitchen environment, and help save time when preparing and clearing up any left over food waste.

There’s also the environmental benefit by using a waste disposal unit, as your be helping reduce your carbon footprint, by reducing the amount of food waste that goes into a land fill site.

Three of the popular units in the Tweeny range are the Chelsea, Kensington, and the Victoria.

The Tweeny Chelsea waste disposal unit has a tough 3/4 Hp electric motor; and the unit features an automatic self reverse, which means that the unit can dispose of tough food waste very quickly; with a minimum chance of any jamming.

All of the units in the range can be found on our website under the “Kitchen Equipment” sub category.

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New Improved Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers

The PDH-110A indoor pool room dehumidifiers that we were selling, have now been replaced by a newer and more powerful unit; which is now the PDH-130A.

These new units achieve a dehumidification rate of 130 litres a day, at 30 degrees C; which is an extra 20 litres a day, compared to the older PDH-110A model.

The main advantage of using a pool room dehumidifier is to help prevent damage to floors and walls from things like mould.

When you have a swimming pool environment, you normally tend to have standing water on the floors, as well as damp walls, which is a result of people getting in and out of the pool, and dripping water as they walk, as well as water vapour, which is created from heating the pool to a usable temperature.

Mould can easily build up on the floor and walls as a result of this.

Using a pool room dehumidifier helps to prevent things like mould, and will also help to improve the air quality, and help to stop too much humidity, which in turn, will help to keep a pleasant environment for anybody who is using the swimming pool area.

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The RXREC RX Receiver Unit For Wireless Control Of Certain Consort Claudgen Fan Heaters And Air Curtains

Consort Claudgen have produced a very clever little product, which is their RXREC RX receiver unit; which basically is a wireless control conversion unit for converting some of their commercial fan heaters and air curtains, which would currently be operating via their 2 gang remote wall switches; to now being able to be controlled wirelessly.

The RXREC works by being connected to the heater.

Firstly, the remote wall switch which is currently in situe; is then removed; and the RXREC is then connected to the heater.

The CRX2 now takes the place of the wall switch.

This very simple solution enables existing installs to be upgraded to now having wireless control; giving greater flexibility; and more options on the controlling of the heaters, than you would have previously had, using the 2 gang wall switches, which had basic control options.

One of the main benefits of using the CRX2 controller is the fact that you now have a 7 day time control, with a number of different temperature settings for each day.

None of this would have been previously available using a wall switch.



Stylish New Bathroom Panel Heaters From Dimplex With A Powerful 1kW Output

Dimplex have just launched two very modern and stylish new bathroom panel heaters; which both have a powerful 1kW output; as well as both units being able to provide a high comfort convected heat output, and also a radiant heat, with the added benefit of being able to warm towels.

These new bathroom panel heaters are designed with “space saving” in mind, helping to make these units suitable to compliment most new bathroom projects.

The two panel heaters in the range are the BPH100M and the BPH100G.

Below are some of the other features included:

  • Lot 20 compliant controls
  • IP25 rating
  • Very accurate electronic thermostat
  • Easy to use controls

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AlarmSense 2 Wire Fire Alarm Kits

New additions to our range of fire alarm kits, now include; 2, 4; and 8 zone AlarmSense fire alarm kits.

Each of these two wire fire alarm kits includes, as standard, a C-Tec AlarmSense panel.

The C-Tec panels are very reliable and they utilize different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, allowing for the AlarmSense components to be joined up to the same pair of supply wires.

This alone can cut installation time by around 20-25%, when compared to the time taken to install a standard four wire system.

All of these kits also feature the Apollo AlarmSense optical smoke detectors, which have the sounder bases, as well as the A1R rate of rise heat detectors, which have the visual indicator sounder bases.

As well as the above mentioned items, also included are a couple of call points, and a couple of batteries; making up the ideal components to carry out your fire alarm installation, without any issues.

If any extra devices are required, in addition to what is supplied in each fire alarm kit, we have all these items available individually, to buy online through this website.

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Masterkool iKool Air Coolers

Introduced to replace the Diet Symphony range of evaporative coolers, are the new Materkool iKool air coolers; which are a compact, and mobile design; making them very easy to move to the desired location, for which they are required to operate in.

The Materkool iKool swamp coolers have a special fan blade, which helps to achieve a strong air flow; and they help to create a nice cool environment, which they do, by the simple process of evaporation.

They work by reducing the temperature of the room that they are running in by between 5 – 15 degrees C.

These spot coolers come with lots of great features, including the following:

  • Dura-pump technology
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • A digital control panel
  • Remote control with timer
  • System restore function
  • High efficiency cooling pads
  • Large tank capacity

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