Control Consort Claudgen’s Commercial Fan Heaters Remotely Via The Consort Connect App

Consort Claudgen now have a great product, which allows you to be able to control their commercial fan heaters remotely, via the Consort Connect App.

To be able to control these fan heaters remotely via the Consort Connect App, you will need to have one of the compatible Consort commercial fan heaters; either the CH06CSiRX, CH06CPiRX, CH09iRX, or the CH12iRX.

Once you have one of the above mentioned fan heaters, you will also need to purchase a CHMC, which is their electronic touchscreen controller, for these fan heaters.

The CHMC touchscreen controller, is an optional controller for these heaters; however it is required in order to be able to control these remotely; as without it, you wouldn’t have the function of controlling these heaters remotely.

With the Consort CHMC electronic touchscreen controller, you will be able to control up to 8 of these heaters, either individually, or as a group; you will also be able to choose from 8 fan speeds, as well as 8 heat settings, when in manual mode.

The CHMC controller, gives greater flexibility, than using one of the standard controllers, as by having remote access to these fan heaters, you are able to make changes, whilst away from site, saving you unnecessary travelling time, to have to attend site, to make changes, saving you both in time and fuel expenses.

For more information on these controllers, and fan heaters, please click here