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New “Super Inverter” Conservatory Air Conditioning Units Available

With all modern air conditioning units that are sold nowadays; these are now moving away from your traditional standard non inverter ones, and moving forward with the new inverter technology ones, which are much more energy efficient.

In the new conservatory ones that we sell online, we now have a unit which features the most latest “super inverter” technology.

At present we offer this product in an 18000BTU, 5kW low wall unit (product code KFR55-LIW/X1c-M). This unit is practical for use all year round, as it offers the best of both worlds, providing heating in the winter, during those cold months, and in the summer, provides a steady flow of cold air, whilst running in cooling mode.

The shape of these units has been designed to make this product fit onto low walls inside conservatories.

One of the key features of this new product is the automatic leak detection feature that is incorporated inside this product, detecting any leakage of refrigerant gas.

For more information on this product, and all the other air conditioning units that we sell, please browse under the air conditioning units section of this website on the top left hand side.


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