Solid Fuel Stoves From Dimplex With A 10 Year Warranty

Recently Dimplex have introduced their range of Westcott solid fuel stoves, and are so confident in this product, that they offer a staggering 10 year warranty on all their stoves in this range.

Manufactured from cast iron, and suitable for burning logs and most manufactured smokeless fuels, the most popular one in this range is the Westcott Inset WST4I, Inset Stove, which can be situated into a standard 16″ fire place, without the need to have a flue liner in place.

As well as been very energy efficient, this unit will not require any extra room ventilation, and to protect you from burning your hands, a heat resistant mitten is provided.

This unit works, by a natural convection process from the stove, which slowly moves heated air around the room that it is installed in, providing a comfortable warm atmosphere in that area.

All of these stoves are available to browse or purchase online from this website, and can be found under the Fireplaces section on the right hand side of this website.