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Garden Lighting For Coastal Areas

If you live near to the sea you may notice that over time, light fittings outside your home, in the garden, or on the walls of your house, can corrode and lose their colour; giving a horrible rusty appearance.

The reason this happens is because most outside lights are made from a basic stainless steel material, which can’t handle the effects that salt water has, with it’s corrosion properties.

To avoid this problem, we can offer three lights which compliment each other. All of these have been constructed from a marine grade 316l stainless steel, which makes them able to be used in locations, which are close to the coast, without the worry that these fittings will be subject to the damage that salt water can cause to a non marine grade stainless steel material.

The three fittings that we have in this range are a bollard light, small post top light, and wall light. All of these match, and are the same style, and have been produced to compliment each other.

These fittings can all be found under the Saxby Lighting section of this website, and can all be purchased online through this website.

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