The Masterkool iKool Mini Range Of Portable Air Coolers

The IKool Mini portable air coolers from Masterkool, are a small compact stand alone unit, which measure only 17 x 15 x 32cm.

They have a 1.3 litre tank; and sit perfectly on any desk; making the iKool Mini a perfect cooling solution, for any small office, where space is limited.

Normally desk fans are the product of choice for office environments in the summer months; however one main problem you face with desk fans, is they tend to end up blowing paperwork and other light weight objects from the desk, onto the floor, which can be a little annoying.

Another issue you face with desk fans, is the loud noise; where sometimes you find yourself having to turn the fan off, when answering and making phone calls.

With the iKool Mini, you don’t face these issues.

Unlike an air conditioning unit, which uses refrigerant gases to bring the temperature down; the iKool Mini’s work by using evaporation instead.

These evaporative coolers are suitable for small areas up to 4 square metres, and their operating weight is only 2.7kg.

There are five different colours in the range; which are, white, green, blue, black; and pink.

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