Cleaning The Air Of Contaminants With Fellowes AreaMax Professional Air Purifiers

In busy commercial areas in large office buildings, it’s very easy for the air to contain contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, and other nasty odors.

The Fellowes AreaMax Professional range of air purifiers help to eliminate these unpleasant contaminants from the air; and improve the air quality.

The AreaMax Professional air purifiers work by using carbon filters to absorb these nasty odors; without the use of an aerosol spray; which you would traditionally see used in most air fresheners, to hide unpleasant smells.

Not using an aerosol spray, means that there are less respiratory issues faced, as you aren’t breathing in artificial fragrances with the AreaMax Professional air purifiers.

There was an independent study carried out, which actually showed that the AeraMax range of air purifiers, achieved a 99.9% reducing for the airborne flu virus, within only 35 minutes of initial operation.

This range of products can be used in a vast number of different commercial environments, including use in busy meeting and conference rooms, as well as busy office areas too.

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