R32 Refrigerant Pre-Gassed Split System Air Conditioning Units With Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa

R32 is a new refrigerant, which was introduced to help with global warming; as R32 has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), and is more environmentally friendly than the traditional R410A refrigerant; which is seen in the majority of air conditioning units installed at the moment.

It is very likely that this new refrigerant will be the industry standard in the majority of new pre-gassed wall split system air conditioning units, that are manufactured.

As well as having a positive effect on the environment, by being more environmentally friendly than R410A, and helping to reduce global warming; R32 has approximately 20% more volumetric capacity than the traditional R410A, resulting in lower refrigerant volumes.

Our new easy fit pre-gassed split system air conditioning units with this new R32 refrigerant, also have two other great features; the fact that as standard they are supplied with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well has having WiFi control too.

The 9000 and 12000 BTU units also have branded “Panasonic” compressors, with the two larger units, the 18000 and 24000 BTU units, having Hitachi OEM compressors.

All of the units that we sell can be used all year round, as they are super inverter heat and cooling units, which offer heating for the winter, and cooling for the summer.

They also come with enough pipework to cope with the majority of back to back split system air conditioning installations; with the option to purchase additional pipe extension kits, to cope with any longer runs; should any additional pipework be required.

The main units that we currently sell are the 9000 BTU (KFR23-IWAG), 12000 BTU (KFR33-IW/AG), 18000 BTU (KFR53-IW/AG), and the 24000 BTU (KFR63IW-AG); with further units to be added to our range, very shortly.

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