New Range Of Portable Air Conditioning Units Which Have Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa

As well as our new range of wall split air conditioning units, which now have Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; we also have a new range of portable air conditioning units, which also have the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa feature.

Currently there are two mobile air conditioning units in this range; with both containing R290 refrigerant, and 1.5 metres of 150mm (6″) hose.

The smaller unit (KYR-25CO/AG) is a 9,000 BTU unit, which offers cooling only, works in normal rooms up to a maximum size of 30 square metres; whereas the bigger unit (KYR-35GW/AG) is a 12,000 BTU unit, which also offers heating, as well as cooling. This unit will work in slightly larger rooms sizes, up to a maximum size of 35 square metres.

Both units are suitable for use in conservatories as well, but will only work in smaller room sizes, when situated in these areas.

The KYR-25CO/AG works in conservatories up to 15 square metres, and the KYR-35GW/AG works up to 20 square metres in these environments.

Unlike a lot of traditional portable air conditioning units, where you can find yourself constantly having to empty water tanks all the time; our range feature an in-built condensate pump, which can condense the water out, meaning that there isn’t really any need to have to empty the water tank; unless of course the weather is very humid, where you may find in these instances that the tank may need to be emptied on occasion.

So that you can easily move any of these units around to the desired location that they are going to be used in, both units are supplied with castor wheels.

Other benefits that these portable air conditioning units have include the timer feature, which allows you to be able to switch the units on and off automatically, as well as the different fan speeds, which are adjustable, for quick cooling, and minimum noise.

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