C-Tec CAST Protocol Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

The C-Tec CAST Protocol addressable fire alarm equipment, uses their latest C-Tec addressable system technology; which is the system which everyone is intrigued by.

The CAST range was produced when C-Tec took their normal 1-2 loop XFP panels; and turned them into something much more advanced.

The main advanced feature, is that their fire alarm panels allow you to be able to connect up to a maximum number of 255 CAST devices on each loop, given much more scope and capability for the system to cope with.

You can also interconnect up to a maximum of eight XFP master panels on a network; or either the same number of repeater panels.

To meet the demands of different smoke and heat detection applications; CAST have multi sensor fire detectors, which allow you to choose between 5 different levels of sensitivity, depending on the level required, for the application that they are being installed in.

To make programming ever so easy, their is a hand held device programmer that can program a user ID to a device, in a matter of seconds.

This ID can be assigned to the detectors, call points, VAD’s and sounders.

Fire legislation is now changing in a lot of countries, with this legislation saying that if there is a power supply carrying out a compulsory function on a fire alarm system, then the power supply must meet EN54-4.

C-Tec have a range of power supplies to meet this certification.

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