Smart And Stylish Looking 6kW Air Source Heat Pumps Powered By A Panasonic Compressor

Just added to our range of products, are the stylish looking 6kW air source heat pumps; which feature Japanese super inverter monobloc technology, as well as having a branded Panasonic compressor inside the unit.

These 6kW air source heat pumps are compatible with underfloor heating, or over sized radiators; and can be run as a single 6kW unit for a 2/3 bedroom property, or you could run 2 of these units in line for a 4/5 bedroom property, as a 12kW solution.

Nowadays air source heat pumps are becoming a more popular choice in domestic properties, for home heating.

One of the main reasons for this is because for every unit of energy which is brought as electricity, several units of heat are then delivered as of result of this; making these units extremely effective.

These air source heat pumps work by the motor that they have, which is powered by electricity. The motor basically supplies more energy than it consumes; when they take out the heat from the surrounding air.

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