The Brand New Design Of The Fike TwinflexPro Panels

Fike has recently changed the design of their TwinflexPro panels, by launching a smart new modern looking panel; which is their new TwinflexPro2 range of panels.

The TwinflexPro2 panels are a clever 2 wire panel that work of a conventional cabling system.

The way that these are structured is as an analogue non addressable system; with panels available in a 2, 4 and 8 zone; with each one being able to accept up to a maximum of 32 Twinflex devices on each circuit.

The main key feature that has been incorporated into the new TwinflexPro2 panels, that wasn’t available on the previous TwinflexPro panels, is that the new ones can now be set up to run conventional devices on zones 5 to 8. Please note that this is only available on the 4 and 8 zone panels; and isn’t something that is available with the 2 zone ones.

Please note that all of the TwinflexPro panels that we sell are all the new TwinflexPro2 panels.

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