New Improved Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers

The PDH-110A indoor pool room dehumidifiers that we were selling, have now been replaced by a newer and more powerful unit; which is now the PDH-130A.

These new units achieve a dehumidification rate of 130 litres a day, at 30 degrees C; which is an extra 20 litres a day, compared to the older PDH-110A model.

The main advantage of using a pool room dehumidifier is to help prevent damage to floors and walls from things like mould.

When you have a swimming pool environment, you normally tend to have standing water on the floors, as well as damp walls, which is a result of people getting in and out of the pool, and dripping water as they walk, as well as water vapour, which is created from heating the pool to a usable temperature.

Mould can easily build up on the floor and walls as a result of this.

Using a pool room dehumidifier helps to prevent things like mould, and will also help to improve the air quality, and help to stop too much humidity, which in turn, will help to keep a pleasant environment for anybody who is using the swimming pool area.

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