The Tweeny Range Of Domestic Waste Disposal Units

The Tweeny range of domestic food waste disposal units, are a great product to have fitted under your kitchen sink; to allow for food waste to be disposed off, without the worry of having your sink becoming blocked, due to trapped food waste blocking up the pipes.

Another good reason for having a product like this fitted in your home, is for hygiene reasons.

Normally any food waste would be scrapped off a plate, and then put into a bin in the kitchen, which over time, can create nasty odours, which can attract insects and flies, to the area.

These products help create a pleasant kitchen environment, and help save time when preparing and clearing up any left over food waste.

There’s also the environmental benefit by using a waste disposal unit, as your be helping reduce your carbon footprint, by reducing the amount of food waste that goes into a land fill site.

There are five kitchen sink waste disposal units in the Tweeny range; which are the Chelsea, Kensington, Victoria, Mayfair, and Westminster.

The Tweeny Chelsea waste disposal unit has a tough 3/4 Hp electric motor; and the unit features an automatic self reverse, which means that the unit can dispose of tough food waste very quickly; with a minimum chance of any jamming.

All of the units in the range can be found on our website under the “Kitchen Equipment” sub category.

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