The RXREC RX Receiver Unit For Wireless Control Of Certain Consort Claudgen Fan Heaters And Air Curtains

Consort Claudgen have produced a very clever little product, which is their RXREC RX receiver unit; which basically is a wireless control conversion unit for converting some of their commercial fan heaters and air curtains, which would currently be operating via their 2 gang remote wall switches; to now being able to be controlled wirelessly.

The RXREC works by being connected to the heater.

Firstly, the remote wall switch which is currently in situe; is then removed; and the RXREC is then connected to the heater.

The CRX2 now takes the place of the wall switch.

This very simple solution enables existing installs to be upgraded to now having wireless control; giving greater flexibility; and more options on the controlling of the heaters, than you would have previously had, using the 2 gang wall switches, which had basic control options.

One of the main benefits of using the CRX2 controller is the fact that you now have a 7 day time control, with a number of different temperature settings for each day.

None of this would have been previously available using a wall switch.