A Portable Tool Set For Data And Networking Installers

If your involved with any data or networking installations; we have the perfect tool kit for this. The kit consists of the main key products that are required for carrying out simple tasks, such as fault diagnostics, and testing.

Included in this tool set is an RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 Lan tester, which gives an individual reading for PIN 1-8, as well as ground. There is also a professional RJ12/RJ45 crimping tool, as well as a wire stripper for use with cat5e cable and other similar sized cables. Finally you also receive an IDC insert tool, for achieving a quick installation of any IDC contacts.

All of the above tools are neatly placed inside their own individual compartments inside a smart case, making it easy not to misplace or lose any of these tools on site.

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