IP Rated Infra Red Heaters Which Provide No Glare And No Light

Manufactured by Tansun, their latest range of infra-red heaters, have been produced for use in certain areas where light is not needed.

With the benefits of some of the latest ceramic technology on the market, the Eclipse range of heaters are much more energy efficient than conventional infra red heaters. In fact this range is 35% more energy efficient, with the lamps inside these units being a “non glare” lamp.

At present Tansun have three versions of the Eclipse heater; the SH2 double 1.2kW version, the SH3 triple 1.8kW version; and finally the SH4 quad 2.4kW one.

Typical areas, where this product works well, would include, outdoor terrace areas; and smoking areas inside bars and nightclubs.

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