A 3 In 1 Cable Tester Which Can Test Voice, Data And Video Installations

We have a very competitively priced VDV MultiMedia cable tester, which is ideal for anyone who is looking to test any voice, data or video system installation, in any residential or commercial environment.

This one tester will cover both the above three systems; so basically if your work involves checking out different types of cable installations, you would only need to purchase this one tester, instead of having to buy a specific type of cable tester, depending on whether the install you are checking happens to be either voice, data, or some form of video application. Having this one tester means that when you are on site, you don’t need to worry about which type of system you are looking at, as this 3 in 1 unit caters for them all.

These cable testers are very easy to use, and they also have a clear LCD display, which will indicate either a “PASS” or a “FAIL” notification, once a test has been completed.

You have the ability to test for any opens, shorts, or miswires, and the unit itself will take RJ-11, RJ45, as well as F-type connectors.


For the full product specification on this cable tester, please click here to go through to the section of this website, where you can buy these online