Ideal 33-856 VDV MultiMedia Cable Tester

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Part No: 33-856

Simple to operate cable tester, which is suitable for telecommunication and data companies, when working with data, voice, and also video systems.

  • For voice, this works with 3 pair USDC and 6 position RJ11/12 jacks, for telephone testing
  • For data, this can test both shielded and unshielded cable installs to T568A/B (RJ-45)
  • With video systems, this tester can test coax cable for any opens and shorts with an F-connector interface
  • Can test for opens and shorts, any miswires, and split pairs
  • Able to identify correct wiremaps
  • To maintain maximum battery life this unit has an automatic shut off feature
  • LCD display, with "PASS" or "ERROR" message after each test has been carried out
  • Tone generator, supporting four different tones
  • One remote wiremap is held inside the unit
  • Takes RJ-11, RJ-45, and F-style connectors
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