Wireless Controlled Air Curtains From Consort Claudgen

Air curtains or over door heaters as some would call; are good at providing a nice warmth of air, to any visitor when they enter into a shop, restaurant, hotel, or any other commercial building which has one of these heaters above their main entrance doorway.

Consort Claudgen now have wireless versions of some of their popular air curtains, including a range of recessed and wall mounted ones.

Wireless controlled air curtains are a good option for installations where it isn’t practical or possible to run cables from a heater back to a main on/off switch on the wall.

One reason could be that there would be too much damage caused to a wall to carry out such an installation.

Using the CZC1 wireless controller, which operates these units, eliminates the above issue, due to the fact that there are no wires back to this.

The CZC1 gives great flexibility in terms of what can be done with it; you have 7 days programming, a frost protection feature; and you can even control more than one heater from just one of these controllers.

Battery life for the controller is a minimum of 1 year, so you don’t have to worry about frequently having to replace batteries.

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wireless controlled air curtains