Low Surface Temperature Heaters Which Comply With The NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes

Dimplex have their LST heaters, which comply with the NHS estates health guidance notes on surface temperature regulations.

These heaters comply with these regulations because the surface temperature of the heaters doesn’t pass 43 degrees C on full output.

Meeting these guidelines makes these wall mounted heaters suitable for use in hospitals, schools and retirement homes; and also other applications where young and elderly people are likely to be nearby.

One other very important thing that also makes this product very suitable for the above mentioned applications is the child lock that each heater has in place. The controls can be locked so that they can’t be tampered with.

You can heat a room up fairly quickly with a Dimplex LST heaters, as there is an integral fan inside, which reacts quicker to changes in room temperature.

It knows when it’s reached the required temperature and also when to switch off, once this temperature has been achieved.

The result of this is maximum warmth for the lowest running costs. A great combination to have from a heater.

dimplex lst heaters

The LST is available in the following sizes:

LST050 – 0.5kW

LST075 – 0.75kW

LST100 – 1.0kW

LST150 – 1.5kW