The Q-Rad Electric Radiators From Dimplex

Dimplex have recently launched their modern and stylish designed Q-Rad electric radiator range; which are one of the most intelligent radiators on the market place at this present time.

They feature a 24 hour and 7 day timer control, as well as three key features.

Feature 1, is the dual elements that the units have.

Having this feature means that you can maintain a specific room temperature; and in order to achieve this, either the convective, or radiant element is used.

In some instance, both elements are utilised.

Feature 2, is the open window, and open door detection system.

With this; if you accidentally leave a door or a window open, the Q-Rad will notice a change in temperature, and reduce the units output down to 50%.

As soon as the door or window is shut, normal operation will resume.

Feature 3, The eco start, delayed start

The Q-Rad has the ability to learn the thermal attributes of the area that’s it’s operating in, and can work out how long it needs to run for to achieve the target temperature.

Ranging from 0.5kW through to the larger 2kW radiators, there are five units available in this range, all of which are supplied in a white finish, with metal wall brackets included too.

They are:

QRAD050 – 0.5kW

QRAD075 – 0.75kW

QRAD100 – 1kW

QRAD150 – 1.5kW

QRAD200 – 2kW

For full information on this range, and to buy online from this website, please click here

qrad electric radiator