Air Source Heat Pumps Which Are MCS Approved

Just added to our range of products, are the new air source heat pumps, which meet the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS Approved).

This approval means that a product meets a well know high level of quality assurance, which was set out by the department of Energy And Climate Change.

The principle behind how an air source heat pump works, is quite straight forward; basically the product works by moving the heat from outside of a building to the inside. It can also work the other way too. It’s a bit similar to how an air conditioning unit works.

This product also uses the latest R410A refrigerant.

The ones we sell are designed for both heating and cooling for your home, and can be used either with, or without a standard boiler.

They can be used in conjunction to an underfloor heating system, as well as other radiators, which have high outputs.

At the moment, we have 3 different models available; one with a Hitachi compressor, the other a Toshiba one, and also a Daikin as well.

All three units are supplied with a blue digital controller with LCD screen, as standard.air source heat pumps