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The Benefits Of Using Flexible LED Strip

Flexible LED Strip Light is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to LED Rope Light.

The main benefits being that flexible LED Strip is much easier to fit in discreet places, and normally comes with double sided sticky tape, making it easy to secure, without the need to use any connectors. This LED Strip can bend easily round corners and curves, making lighting intricate shapes very easy. Typical applications include, cabinet lighting, use around bar areas, use around mirrors; and use inbetween floor tiles.

Flexible LED Strips give a very bright, sharp lighting effect, allowing you to use fewer LED’s than what you would normally use, whilst still achieving the desired finished effect.

With the new developments in LED technology, LED Lighting can be up to ten times more efficient than current incandescent lights. They also remain close to room temperature, which can cut down on energy use further by reducing the need for air conditioning to counteract the heat given out by incandecent lighting. LED’s are also  a lot more durable than other types of lighting, in the fact that they are resistant to heat, cold, vibration and shock. They can also last tens of thousands of hours when used at the rated current.

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