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The Advantages Of Using A Toshiba Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater

All Swimming Pools need to be heated by some form of swimming pool heater, in order to be able to get the maximum useage out of them every year.

Until very recently, there have only been limited options available for heating a swimming pool. These options have been to heat the pool by gas, electric or oil; all of which are quite expensive to run; and also can be quite difficult to install.

The Toshiba Easy Fit range of Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters are both inexpensive to run and easy to install as well. In actual fact these units are 80% more efficient than conventional electric. These Swimming Pool Heaters also incorporate the added feature of a Titanium Heat Exchanger for longer life expectancy. Other features include an auto restart function, for after a power cut and an intelligent defrost capability as well.

A heat pump works by capturing the heat and then transfering it from the air into the water in your swimming pool, producing an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly heating system for your swimming pool.

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