SLV Lighting Bring Out Their New 2012 Lighting Catalogue

German branded SLV Lighting have just recently launched their New 2012 Big White Lighting Catalogue, which has lots of new modern styled lights; with a solution for all different environments, whether it be a lighting solution for a new build, extension on an existing build or something new for an upcoming project, where having good quality light fittings is an essential part of the project.

All of the light fittings within this new 2012 lighting catalogue are available to buy from our company.

We also have the PDF catalogue available for download from our website as well. Please note that if you are downloading the catalogue it may take several minutes to download, due to the size of the file, which is 132mb.

To download this new catalogue please scroll to the top of the website, under the products section, where you will see a drop down menu open up. Once the drop down menu has opened up, if you scroll down an open up the SLV Lighting section, you will then be able to download the catalogue from there.