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KSR Lighting Bring Out 4.9w Retro Fit GU10 LED Lamps In Cool White And Warm White

KSR Lighting have introduced a powerful 4.9 watt retro-fit GU10 LED lamp, which is the same size as a normal GU10 halogen lamp; and also gives out a similar light output to a 50w standard GU10 halogen lamp as well.

The main advantage of using one of these GU10 LED lamps is the fact that you get 50,000 hours lamp life, as opposed to the 2,000 hours that you would get from a standard 35w or 50w GU10 halogen lamp. Another key advantage is the fact that you are only using 4.9 watts instead of 50 watts, so your electricity costs will be cheaper too.

Also, these GU10 LED lamps are Part L compliant as well; which makes them a perfect choice to utilise in new developments where you have a large number of fire rated downlighters in place. Here you would comply with Part L, reduce energy consumption, thus resulting in cheaper electricity costs; and also you would not need to change any lamps for a long time, as you have 50,000 hours lamp life, whereas with a standard 50w GU10 halogen lamp, 2000 hours isn’t a long time, resulting in more frequent lamp changes.

These 4.9w dimmable GU10 LED lamps are available in two colours, a cool white (4000k), part number KSRLP855; and a warm white (3000k), part number KSRLP854.

Both of these LED lamps are available to buy on line from this website; and can be found under the LED Lamps section of this website.

GU10 Dimmable LED Lamp

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