New Slim Design Panel Heaters From DeLonghi With Hi-Fi Technology

DeLonghi have a new range of very stylish panel heaters, which not only feature a slim profile, but also, feature Hi-Fi Technology.

This new technology means that these heaters have a twin fan system, which distributes heat within the room, better than standard traditional panel heaters.

All three current units have a room thermostat, overheat safety protection; and an anti frost function, as standard; as well as catering for rooms up to 75 square metres.

Utilising one of these heaters in a room, can be a good choice as you are getting silent heat, which can be transported quite easily to the room which you want heat in. In other words, unlike radiators, which are a fixed installation and are there on the wall. You can simply unplug one of these units, carry it to another room, plug it in, and you can heat that room.

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