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Air Coolers To Help Cope With The Summer Heat

As the summer heat is now here, we tend to look for an easy solution to keep offices and other working environments cool, and at a comfortable temperature.

The Storm 100i evaporative cooler can help achieve this; and works to cool areas up to 100 square metres, by the simple process of evaporating water in order to cool the air temperature.

Why choose the Storm 100i?

If your looking for reasons to pick this product than it may be worth considering the following advantages that this product offers.

1) No installation is required. This is a portable unit with multi directional wheels, so can be easily moved to where it is required.

2) It has a large tank, offering a long cooling time.

3) The unit is suitable for outdoor use, as well as indoor.

4) It’s quiet operation means that you won’t be annoyed by any large noises when the product is running.

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