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Consort Claudgen Bring Out A Range Of Super Light Air Curtains For Commercial Applications

Consort Claudgen have recently introduced some very light commercial air curtains, all of which only weigh 20kg each; and start at 1300mm wide on their smallest air curtain.

All of these new units in this range have been manufactured for use in areas where you have very tall and very wide doorways in commercial buildings, such as offices, restaurants; and shops.

These new models have mainly been manufactured to help make installations a lot easier in these applications, but have also been made with a much improved flow rate, making them more efficient at providing a good level of heat output.

You also have the choice with two of the models, the CA1309S (9kW), and the CA1312S (12kW) to wire either single phase or 3 phase, depending on the power supply that is present at the premises of installation.

Commercial Air Curtain

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