Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Commercial Dehumidifiers From Meaco

The MeacoWall range of wall mounted commercial dehumidifiers are a sleek, slimline, modern looking unit, with a glass finish, where each unit has either a black or white glass front panel, which also features the light touch LED controls.

If your looking for a quiet, commercial wall mounted dehumidifier for a swimming pool or spa area, then the MeacoWall 108B (black version), or the Meacowall 108W (white version), maybe suitable for your application.

Both units use the latest R290 refrigerant; and with help from the DC fan motor, which each unit is equipped with; these dehumidifiers  have a noise level of only 48 dB(A) at 1 metre, as well as providing 108 litres per day drying capacity at 30 degrees C & 80%rh.

These DC fan motors also help to keep running costs down too.

To help with installation, Meaco have designed these dehumidifiers with this in mind, and have designed them, so that there is the option to have the continuous drainage from either the right or left hand side of the unit, depending on which option is most suited for the given application.

For applications which are unheated, and humidity control is needed, there is an automatic defrosting system in place, which allows usage down to 10 degrees C.

As well as swimming pool and spa areas, these dehumidifiers can also be used in many other commercial applications including the following:

  • Storage applications
  • Museums
  • Pump rooms
  • Any other area that requires the use of a commercial wall mounted dehumidifier

Please click here to view the full range of MeacoWall commercial wall mounted dehumidifiers that are available to buy online through this website