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TwinflexPro Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems With Checkpoint Technology

We have just started to sell the TwinflexPro range of fire alarm systems, from Fike.

The Twinflex Pro range are unique, in the fact, that they have incorporated “checkpoint technology” into their fire alarm panels.

Checkpoint technology allows you to be able to set up a pre-alarm; which can be anytime between 1-5 minutes, depending on how this is set up.

Having a pre-alarm, gives you a bit of time to investigate what has triggered the fire alarm to activate in the first place; before evacuating the building.

When the alarm has been triggered in a dwelling, it is only the local room sounder that will work during the verification time period.

This will then warn any people who are in that specific dwelling.

After this, the next stage is for the control panel to perform various checks, over a specific duration.

The purpose of this, is to clarify if the detector is still activated, and whether there is an actual real fire.

At the end of the duration in which the checks are carried out; if the detector stops signalling that there is an alarm, the detector/sounder will be reset by the panel.

The system will then return to normal.

If for any reason there is still an alarm signal being generated by a detector; all the other alarms in the building will be activated, for a full evacuation of the premises.

As well as this amazing feature, the system uses the ASD multipoint detectors, which provide 7 different detection modes, as well as allowing the system to be set up, using just one pair of wires, for each zone.


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