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Toshiba KFR-32GW/X1c Easy Fit Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit Approved For Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

The Toshiba KFR-32GW/X1c Easy Fit Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit has now been approved by the Government for the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. This means that at the end of the year you can take of 100% of the cost of the installation and the air conditioning system as an offset, saving you the full tax rate of the air conditioning for the first year. For more information on this, please visit the government website for full details of the Toshiba air conditioning model numbers this applies to and also the full information on how this scheme works.

The Toshiba Air Conditioning units that this scheme applies to on this website, include the Toshiba KFR32-GW/X1c, the Toshiba KRF51-GW/X1c and the Toshiba KFR66-GW/X1c.

The most popular model is the Toshiba KFR-32GW/X1c Easy Fit split air conditioning unit, which consists of two parts; an internal and an external unit. The internal unit is connected to a metal mounting plate on the wall that it is going to be situated on; and the external unit is situated outside of the building. The two units are then connected together via a copper pipe. The external unit, which is the condenser, removes the heat from the room and pushes it outside, along with any condensation that may have built up in the system, whilst the internal unit provides cooling.

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