Top Outlet Panel Heaters From Nobo Heating

Recently added to our heating products range, are the stylish, slimline panel heaters from Nobo Heating; which are supplied in a polar white finish.

These panel heaters are splash proof to an IP24 rating, and the 90mm depth from the wall, which all of the different wattages have; makes them very practical for installations, where space is limited.

To help save time, and make a more quicker installation; these units are already pre-flexed.

A lot of attention to detail has gone into the design of these heaters. Key things include, the rounded corners, which are an important safety feature. Another thing includes the hinged wall brackets.

There are different control modules available for each heater, which need to be purchased separately.

Having a choice of modules, means that your not tied into one particular one; and can choose the most suitable one, depending on your heating requirements.

All of the heaters in this range can be purchased online from this website. Please click here to view them.

nobo panel heaters