The New VER Garage Door Operators From CAME

CAME have recently introduced their new range of garage door operators, which are the VER standard, and the VER Plus; with the VER standard being a very cost effective solution for residential garage doors.

Both of these garage door operators have been EN tested, as standard, meaning that they both conform with European Standards on impact forces.

The VER standard and VER Plus garage door opening kits are available in either 24V DC, or a 230V AC.

The 24V gear motors have been designed for applications, which get a lot of use; and will also still work in the event of a power outage.

The VER standard kits have a motor which is controlled by an encoder, which provides a smooth operation during the full cycle, and will also detect obstacles.

The VER Plus kit motors also have an encoder, but you have greater flexibility with these operators, as you can take full control over these systems, by downloading an APP to your smartphone device. With this APP your be able to open and close the garage doors, obtain status feedback, as well as schedule tasks.

You can also add additional battery back up on the VER Plus operators, which can be neatly situated in the actual casing of the garage door motor.

The VER Plus is also compatible with RIO wireless safety, and RIO edge.

Please click here to view the CAME VER garage door operators on this website