470531 LIM2 Controller

Part No: 470531

This controller is used for setting up and calling up colours of light and colour levels using keystrokes.4 Groups of light with digital operating devices for a control voltage of 1-10v ex (fluorescent lamps, low voltage halogen, high volt halogen lamps or LED applications) can be controlled, 4 light sequences pre-programmed can also be called up by keystrokes. Also a dynamic operational sequence of the setup light scenes is possible owing to selectable standing and blend over time. 4 different sequencing programs with 8 light scenes each are already programmed in the system. Other features include, panic configuration, external switching entrance, and variable time intervals. This controller is very easy to operate without any prior knowledge.

Material: Aluminium/Plastic

Width: 11.7cm

Height: 3.7cm

Depth: 9.7cm

Flush mounted housing is included, and an IR receiver is included on the housing front

4 x 1-10v control voltage with LCD display, optionally controllable via a remote control

Flush mount possible

Short circuit proof

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Price: £290.00

Inc VAT: £348.00

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