233022 GapLED In Warm White On A 10 Metre Coil

Part No: 233022

10 Metre Roll Of  Flexible GapLED In Warm White.

Bulb: LED included (22w per strip)

Voltage: 24v

Length: 1000cm

Width: 0.25cm

Height: 0.85cm

Separable every 16.7cm

LED Spacing: 2.8cm

Connection Length: 150cm

Weight: 0.66kg

Please note that this flexible LED strip is supplied less power supply. The following power supplies are available for this product; the 470506 or the 470500. This GapLED is also dimmable if used with the 470540 power supply.

There are plastic insulated LED-strips with special narrow cross section for joining applications. The minimum bending radius is 1.3cm.

Please also note that a maximum of 20 metres of this GapLED can be operated on one feed-in. By an output higher than 44w a new feed-in must be made. (See 233031 (Feed-In Set).

Other accessories available for this product are the 233030 (mounting clips) and the 233032 (aluminium profile).

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