CAME Ver U4483-B Complete Garage Door Kit With Chain Guide

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CAME Ver U4483-B Garage Door Opener Kit With Chain Guide Complete With The Following:

  • 1 x V900E 24v Motor
  • 1 x V0679 Transmission arm
  • 1 x DIR10 Pair of safety photocells
  • 1 x DOC-P Push button
  • 1 x AF43S Radio card (433,92 MHz)
  • 1 x TAM-432SA Radio remote
  • 1 x KIARo24N Flashing light

Dimensions for the maximum height of the door from the ground to the top edge of the intel

  • Counterweighted doors: 2.4 metres
  • Spring loaded doors: 2.25 metres

These garage door openers meet European Standards EN12445 and EN12453, in terms of their impact forces.

Also these garage door openers have a built in obstacle detection, which is a unique circuit board, which in the event of an accidential impact, this built in obstacle feature, will stop the automation immediately.

Another feature to prevent blackouts is the auxiliary battery feature which these kits offer, to open and close the garage. This feature is optional.

Garage Door Opener Picture 2

Garage Door Opener Picture 1

Please click here to download the PDF specification sheet on these U4483-B garage door openers

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