595003 Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit

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Part No: 595003

CK Tools electrician's premium tool kit, which has been put together for electricians and apprentices who are looking for a tool kit, which already has most of your everyday tools, which are needed to carry out the majority of electrical jobs.

These tool kits consist of the following items:

  • MA2630 Magma Technician's tool case
  • 431003 Redline VDE combination plier
  • 431013 Redline VDE snipe nose plier
  • 431008 Redline VDE combicutter3
  • T49144-025 Dextro VDE screwdriver 2.5x75
  • T49144-40 Dextro VDE screwdriver 4x100
  • T49142-1 Dextro VDE screwdriver PH 1
  • T49142-2 Dextro VDE screwdriver PH2
  • T49143-1 Dextro VDE screwdriver PZ 1
  • T49143-2 Dextro VDE screwdriver PZ 2
  • TO834 Junior hacksaw
  • T3442 25 ST tape measure 7.5m/25ft
  • 484001 Electricians knife
  • 495001 Automatic wire stripper
  • T3482 Level-pocket
  • 440009 Mainstester VDE
  • T4229 16 Claw hammer
  • 495028 Re-threading tool
  • T49145-2 Dextro VDE Modulo screwdriver size 2
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