F/CHVS2/4Z/KIT 4 Zone Fire Alarm Kit

Part No: F/CHVS2/4Z/KIT

Veritas 2, 4 zone fire alarm kit, which uses DualCom GPS, which is an alarm signalling system, utilising the Vodafone network, along with an optional telephone line, which will transmit fire alarm signals at fast speeds.

As soon as the fire alarm is confirmed as a genuine alarm, the people who should be notified are advised straight away.

By utilising two signal paths, this will ensure that the DualCom signalling will always have a back up path, just in case of an accidental fault which triggers the alarm, or even a deliberate fault, setting of the fire alarm system.

Kit contents as follows:

1 x 4 zone fire alarm panel and battery

2 x Optical smoke detectors and bases

1 x Fixed heat detector and base (57 degrees C)

2 x Manual call points

2 x Electronic sounders

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