Easyfit KFR2M-32/33 2 Metre Pipe Extension Kit

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Part No: KFR2M-32/33

Interconnecting 2 metre pipe extension kit for the KFR32-GW/X1c, KFR-23IW/X1C, KFR-23IW/X1CM, KFR-33IW/X1C, KFR33-IW/X1CM, KFR23-IW/AG; and KFR33-IW/AG Easy Fit Air Conditioning Units.

The copper pipes are supplied pre insulated with flare nut ends and inline connectors for easy installation to existing pipe work.

Available in all system sizes of 1/4,3/8 1/2 and 5/8.

This particular air conditioning unit pipe extension kit size is 1/4" and 3/8" (liquid/gas).

These extension kits are available in lengths of 1m up to 6m to suit individual requirements.

For larger air conditioning unit pipe extension kits, please note, that the 4 and 6 metre extension kits are all listed on this website.

For a custom made kit, to suit a specific application, please contact us, where we can provide a quotation for this.

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