27,000 BTU Multi-Split Air Conditioning Unit Powered By An OEM Toshiba Compressor

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A multi split air conditioning system, which consists of one outdoor compressor, along with three 9,000 BTU (2.7kW) indoor units.

Please note this multi split system can run up to a maximum of 27,000 BTU, and each pipe run cannot exceed 20 metres in total.

The total maximum pipe run for this system is 45 metres in total; e.g: if you had two units at 20 metres each, the third unit couldn't exceed 5 metres in total.

This multi split system is pre-gassed up to 6 metres, for each run.

Please note that this product is supplied with 6 metres of pipe for each of the 3 indoor units, that are supplied. (18 metres in total).


Specification Of The Outdoor Compressor:

  • Voltage: 220 - 240v (50 Hz)
  • Cooling Capacity: 27000 BTU (8.4kW)
  • Heating Capacity: 30000 BTU (9.4kW)
  • Power Input Cooling: 2470w
  • Power Input Heating: 2380w
  • Noise Level: 61 dB(A)
  • Maximum Current Rating (Fuse Rating D): 16.5 amps
  • Width: 845mm, Depth: 363mm, Height: 702mm
  • Weight: 52.7kg

Specifications Of Each Indoor Unit

  • Power Rating: 220-240v / 50Hz
  • Cooling capacity: 9000 BTU (2.7kw) (3 of these indoor units supplied in total)
  • Cooling power input: 910w
  • Cooling current input: 4.0A
  • EER: 5.5
  • Energy rating: AA
  • Heating capacity: 9000 BTU (2.8kW)
  • Heating power input: 920w
  • Heating current input: 4.0A
  • Noise level: Low(28), Medium(32), High(36) dB(A)
  • COP: 3.4
  • Dehumidification (litres/hours): 1
  • Automatic restart feature after power failure
  • Maximum room size unit is suitable for: 13 - 22 square metres
  • Maximum conservatory size unit is suitable for: 10 square metres
  • 1 year guarantee

Please note that there is an optional wall bracket available for the outdoor compressor.

Please see product code: BRKTUNI70-120

Please also note that we can supply this system with 2 indoor units, instead of 3; and we can also supply these multi split air conditioning units with specific pipe lengths that are required. 

Please contact us for price and availability, on any custom requirements.

Please also note that these air conditioning units need to be installed by a fully qualified f-gas certified engineer.

Please provide us with the above information on the f-gas engineer that will be carrying out the installation, before making a purchase, as this information needs to be provided, before we are able to supply the goods.

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