GHP15 15kW Ground Source Heat Pump Powered By A Toshiba Compressor

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Part No: GHP-15.

15kW Ground Source Heat Pump.

These Ground Source Heat Pumps circulate water through the pipes which are buried in the ground, in order to extract the heat which is stored below the earth's surface.

In the United Kingdom the average ground temperature just below the surface is between 8 - 13 degrees C. This temperature remains constant all year round. The temperature of the water in the pipes is lower than the surrounding ground, so it actually warms up slightly. The returning water is chilled back down by the heat pump, where it is used to heat up the refrigerant. By compressing this "warmed" refrigerant the temperature is further more increased before then being transfered across to the buildings heating system. Generally the heating water output from the heat pump is typically 45 - 65 degrees C.


  • Powered by a Toshiba Compressor
  • Japanese Inverter Technology utilised
  • Digital LED Controller
  • Titanium Heat Exchange
  • Oscillating air vanes for the dissipation of cold air
  • Auto restart feature, designed for when power cuts occur
  • Intelligent defrost mode
  • Quiet running
  • Low running costs
  • 80% more efficient than conventional electric


  • Heating output: 15.2kW
  • C.O.P: 20 degrees C - 50 degrees C: >_5
  • Power cont/Max A: 7.5/9.4
  • Voltage: 415V
  • Water output L/h: >_375
  • Noise dB(A): <_55
  • Dimensions: 85x48x60cm
  • Weight: 122kg
  • Utilises R410a refrigerant
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