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Philips Master LEDspot 7w GU10 MV Dimmable LED Lamp Which Is A Replacement to 50w Halogen

Philips have recently launched their new improved 7w dimmable GU10 LED lamp, which is now equivilant to 50w halogen; and is available in a choice of either a 25 degree beam angle or a 40w degree beam angle.

These dimmable GU10 LED lamps are available in a choice of colours, the most popular colours being either warm white (4200k), or cool white (4200k). There are a number of benefits that come with these LED lamps, including the fact that their lamp life is around 40,000 hours; and you will cut your energy saving costs by up to 85% as well.

When you compare these LED lamps to that of a normal GU10 halogen lamp, where the GU10 halogen lamp only has an average lamp life of around 2,000 hours, you can see the difference straight away.

Environmental benefits include the fact that these GU10 LED lamps are mercury free, have limited life cycle impact; and also create a low carbon footprint as well.

Philips 7w GU10 LED Lamp

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