New Range Of Sleek Smart Looking Black Gloss Inverter Air Conditioning Units Now Available!

We now have a brand new range of smart looking inverter air conditioning units in a black gloss finish. This new range is called the Y Series, Black Mirror Single Wall Split Inverter range.

In this new range of inverter air conditioning units are the following three models, the KFR26-YW/X1c (9,000BTU, 2.7kW) unit, the KFR36-YW/X1c (12,000BTU, 3.5kW) unit; and the KFR56-YW/X1c (18,000BTU, 5kW) unit.

These units also work in the same way as the other inverter models that we have on this website do, in the fact that they are both a heating and a cooling unit; so you can use these units to run as an air conditioning unit in cooling mode in the summer, or if you want to heat the room in winter for instance, you can simply run the unit in heating mode, to provide heat to the room.

Y Series Black Gloss Air Conditioning Unit

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