Metrel MI3125B EurotestCOMBO PRO Multifunction Kit

The Metrel MI3125B Eurotest Combo is a new handheld multifunction tester, which has been designed to help speed up installation testing, therefore making this even easier than before. The MI3125B kit comes complete with PATENTED technology in the form of the Metrel EasiSwitch adaptor, which automatically performs R+ R2 measurements. With the MI3125B you can store and download test results. This unit has an inbuilt memory which can store up to 1700 results, which can then be downloaded onto Metrel Eurolink PRO Plus Software via a USB lead, which is also supplied with this kit. If you are an NICEIC approved contractor you can upgrade this software package to the Eurolink PRO Plus which allows you to input data onto a digital NICEIC Certificate; and prints straight onto your hard copy. The Metrel MI325B Eurotest COMBO 17th Edition Tester allows you to test and certify fixed electrical installation in compliance with Part P, 17th Edition regulations, BS7671 and BS EN61557. The MI3125B can carry out a whole variety of different electrical tests, including, continuity testing, insulation testing, automatic RCD testing, including RCD Ramp testing, with a no RCD trip feature. The MI3125B can also carry out Earth Loop impedance testing and PSC (prospective short circuit current). The Eurotest can also be used to carry out online voltage monitoring and phase sequence testing for 3 phase installations. Another amazing feature of the Eurotest is the fact that this unit can perform RCD testing on B Type RCD’s.

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