Medical Grade Mobile Air Sterilisers With Fast Air Purification

We now have a range of mobile air sterilisers, which use the multiple barrier approach, and incorporate medical grade HEPA filters.

These medical grade air purifiers, filter and capture 99.97% of particulates, right down to an incredible 0.1 microns; which is the size range of the Covid-19 virus.

These air sterilisers, or air purifiers, as they are more commonly know as, are designed for commercial use, and typical applications for their use, include use in workplace environments, including offices, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Each machine is equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation chamber, which ruptures, disrupts, and destroys ribonucleic acid; the DNA of bacteria viruses, fungi, and microorganisms, via UVC light; resulting in the sterilising of the air, in the area that the machine can cover, where it is situated in.

These units are quiet running, come supplied with a remote control, as well as having the added benefit of being TUYA app enabled.

A great benefit of these air purifiers is the fact that they come supplied with a 5 year warranty as standard; and as well as having the option of being able to buy one of the machines; there is also the option to lease one of these machines on a monthly basis.

Please contact us directly, for more information on leasing options.

The two main units are the KTII and KTIII, with both the KT2 and KT3 providing 8 air changes per hour in the given area that they can cover.

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