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Dimmable LED Drivers Where You Can Choose Between 12 Volts DC And 24 Volts DC

A fantastic new LED driver has just been manufactured, allowing the installer to choose whether they require the LED power supply to be operated as a 12 volt dc device, or a 24 volt dc device.

To enable this clever feature that is in built into these LED drivers, there is a jumper provided where you can select the required output voltage.

This product was brought to market, mainly for use with flexible LED ribbon tape, which normally runs of either 12 volts dc, or 24 volts dc.

This type of ribbon tape is becoming more and more popular as a low energy lighting solution in applications such as alcoves, under cabinets, around bar areas, and stairs, as it can be mounted discreetly out of sight; due to its flexibility. Also, the actual light source isn’t visible, only the actual light output can be seen, leaving a crisp, clear glow of light. Typically this would normally be operated by a standard non dimmable LED driver, providing only a simple on and off operation. With these new drivers, you have the ability of 1-10v dc, or push function dimming, allowing the required light level to be set accordingly.

With these power supplies, you don’t need to worry whether you have the right driver or not, as the one driver will cater for both voltages. Simply select the required voltage which is needed, depending on the voltage of the LED product that you will be running.

Dimmable LED Power Supply

There are two of these power supplies available to buy online through this website. The PTDCD/80 and the PTDCD/100.


Please click here to go through to the 50w 12Vdc (80w 24Vdc)



Please click here to go through to the 60w 12Vdc (100w 24Vdc)

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