Consort Claudgen Now Have A 3 Lamp IPX5 Outdoor Quartz Heater

Consort Claudgen now have a 4.5kW weather-proof quartz heater, which has been added to their range. This unit has 3 lamps, and also the feature of an anodised aluminium reflector, which concentrates the heat that is given out, to the required area that the unit is pointed towards.

Unlike a lot of similar products out there, this heater has replaceable lamps, and an average lamp life of just over 5,000 hours, making this product easy to maintain for maximum use.

Supplied complete with a fitting guard for safety reasons; included with this unit are wall mounting brackets, which enables the heater to be angled to point towards the area, where the heat source is needed.

Running costs are also an added benefit, as the QZWP45N will cut your running costs by around a 1/3, when compared to using an alternative gas source for heating. This makes this product very environmentally friendly, and would be an ideal choice for providing a heating solution for any outdoor smoking area, whether that is an outdoor terrace of a nightclub or bar, or a patio area in a pub garden.

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